EPP Congress 2023

The European Pig Producers Club (EPP) is a network of leading pig producers with the goal of exchanging experience and knowledge. Founded in January 1990 in Herning, Denmark, the club serves mainly as a technical, economic, and social forum for pig producers in European countries. The EPP Congress 2023 is themed: “Resilience of the European pig industry”.

Within the symposium, the following topics will be addressed:

  • Spanish production models: large integrations and Iberian pigs
  • Value-added production schemes in Europe
  • ASF from a technical and a political point of view
  • New welfare regulations in Europe
  • Animal health and production: Solutions for increasingly stringent demands
  • Precision farming: Using IT and AI

An important item on the agenda are excursions. The organising team is working on different options, including virtual farm visits in farms located in other regions of Spain. A highlight will be the visit of farms with free-ranged Iberico cattle and/or pigs (seasonally limited) and Iberian ham-drying plants around Seville. 

Together with partners Iplanning, APC, and Anprogapor, this congress promises a diversified programme and interesting insights into Spanish pig production as well as Spanish traditions. Please register online for our event via the following link: pigproducer. net/home/registration-epp-congress-2023. Early-bird registration is available until 15 March 2023.

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